The Journey

The parable of the prodigal son reminds us of, the different journeys in life to self-awareness. Whether we identify with the father, the prodigal son, or the jealous brother, we ought to be honest with ourselves and take responsibility for our shortcomings, to have a spiritual breakthrough.

Faith or Fear

The exodus of the Israelites from Egypt after the 10 plagues is a strong reminder that God is in control. In moments of fear, let us be still and hold on to faith, remembering that the God that will rescue us.

Becoming Perfect

Becoming Perfect is an ongoing process of becoming more and more like Christ despite our failures and shortcomings. Through our ongoing love for God and love for each other, we strive to attain full maturity and perfection in Christ.

Stronger Together

What is our attitude in the face of adversity? God commands us to trust him. To have faith yet, be realistic in our confrontation of adversity. As a community of believers, we are not only stronger with God, but stronger when we rely on each other .

Your Object Of Worship

Often times we get caught in the act of worship, rather than the object of our worship, which is God. As Christians in troubling times, we should make sure to give freely what God has freely given us, encouragement to our neighbours, sharing our resources and helping those in need.

To Be Continued

Book of Acts tells the story of great miracles by the Holy Spirit. But this story doesn’t end. The book ends on an uncertainty as if prompting us to write our own story, a continuation of the story that first disciples began to tell.