Sermons by Dave Stephenson

Toil Is Meaningless

Solomon teaches that investing all of yourself into job is meaningless. Although God says we should do our best at work it should not be our daily focus.

God’s Patience

Secret to patience is looking at this world through God's eyes. That's what Jesus did. Despite all our shortcomings God looks at us like children. He doesn't label us as evil.

Contentment from God

Philippians 4:4-13 We still can have all the blessings from God no matter what age we are. The content life from God may come today not some time into future or after we die. We are not born content. Or spirits longs for more. Especially when we are young. “If only I had…” We often…

Narrowness of Jesus

Matthew 7:13-14 God is all encompassing. Jesus came to the world and turned from being almighty and encompassing into a human with narrow circle of influence.  John 12:37He chose a small province.  But he came with the purpose. 1 Corinthians 12:4 Jesus came focused on one thing, one mission. He asks us to do the…