Sermons by Christopher Patterson

Faith That Endures

Endurance is closely tied to the ability to overcome. We all have a part to play in God’s plan but answering our call requires us to overcome the challenges placed before us. The life of Job is held up as an example of endurance through hard times by holding to the truths we know about God and holding on to the promises of God given to us through his Word. In the end, we are reminded that staying within and trusting the word of God is what helps is to endure in our faith.

Remembering Christ

God wants our whole heart, mind, and soul. Not just lip service. praising him needs to be a deliberate act of gratitude not forgetting His faithfulness in our lives. To that end, we need to take time to contemplate and give thanks to God.

What Kind of Christian Are You?

We need to guard our hearts when we worship God. Give careful thought to how you worship. Why was that? Because our approach to worship is important. If it’s not that it will be not accepted by God and thus will be useless.

Respect for God’s Word

2 Kings 22:1-20 I need a responsive heart to be able to hear God”s Word How to develop a responsive heart? 1. Deep respect for Gods Word. There”s a big difference between God”s Word and the word of a human. Human words are mostly opinions. What God says – is true. When He speaks –…

Learning to Forgive

Matthew 18:21-35It’s easy for us to look at the unforgiving man and think of him as wicked. There’s nothing wrong in trying to protect yourself and your family from being taken advantage of. But we should remember where we are coming from. Our sins have been forgiven. We should always keep that in mind. If…