Sermons by Armand Doucet

Becoming Fully Human

Becoming Fully Human

It’s easy for us to take creation for granted. In other words, we get used to existing. It’s good to step back and look at the miracle of our existence and to try and recognize God’s purpose and intent for humanity. As Christ-followers, we are image-bearers for the divine and yet, at the same time, we are often plunged into the messiness of muddy situations in the church and in our own lives.

No Regrets

Can you live your life without regrets? With faith in God, you can. Living by faith does not mean your life will be easy or have no challenges. God gives you a purpose that makes your life meaningful. Do you feel like your life is making a difference? Does it have a purpose that would give it a lifelong meaning? What can you do with your life right now so that in the end you have no regrets?