Judah and the Scarlet Thread

Sunday Worship Service

We’ll focus on the life of Judah instead of Joseph, just as this week’s podcast episode masterfully does. But we’ll trace the line even further through other key moments in the line of Judah that culminate with Jesus – not just on the cross – but in his reign as lion and lamb in Heaven. We’ll look at God’s plan to give us Jesus as Lord and Savior, accomplished as he faithfully weaved lives together over the course of centuries. And we’ll see that even though God’s plan runs through one family, it is truly for everyone.

As a Church, we started a three-year journey where we explore God and man through His three persons, Yahweh and the People, Jesus and the People, and The Holy Spirit and the People. Click here to learn about how you can join us on this journey.

Details for in-person service:

Time: 10:30 AM EST
Location: Immaculata High School. 140 Main St, Ottawa, ON K1S 5P4 (click for directions).

Links to Livestream service (Starts 10:30 AM EST):