Light In You

In Luke 11:29-36 Jesus rebukes the inclination of our hearts to seek and value signs. Just as Jonah became a sign, Jesus Himself is the sign We are to believe in Him. At Jonah’s preaching, the people of Nineveh repented and were saved. In the same way, the Queen of the south praised the God of Israel after she heard Solomon.

What Captivates You?

We are often inundated with messages on social media offering “secret life hacks” to bring us closer to a better, fuller life. These “secrets” often lead us to worldly interpretations of biblical truths. See to it that you are rooted in Christ and not deceived by fine-sounding arguments of the world.

Encourage Each Other Daily

Do you ever wonder if commitment to God in the face of hardship or persecution is worth it? As the early Christians did, looking at the past can serve us as examples or warnings of what happens when we turn our hearts from God. Keeping spiritual relationships can assist us in keeping our hearts open to Christ. See to it that you don’t allow sin to creep into your heart and keep you from the purpose(s) God has planned for you.

See To It

When you consider your walk with Christ, do you only consider the surface matters and/or sell out for moments of worldly “pleasures”? As Christians, we should see to it that our walk with Christ shares the gospel without us saying a word (but rather through how we conduct ourselves). In this, our biggest weapons are prayer and relationships with others in the church.

Never Forget

Twenty years ago, a single moment changed the world and brought fear to many. We need to remember that fear comes when we take our eyes from God. The answer to fear, therefore, is to never forget how powerful God is; a power that is continually shown in the signs and wonders revealed to us in the Bible (and in our daily lives) if we only have the eyes to see it.

When it Rains it Pours

Do you feel like your sufferings are neverending and wonder why God is punishing you? The Book of Job teaches that Satan needs permission to challenge us. God allows this because challenges purify our lives and refine our faith and faithfulness is about more than how many “blessings” we have.

That Was Not The Plan

When your life plans go awry, how do you respond? In these moments, it is important to remember that there is a spiritual battle happening and our walk with Christ is more important than any earthly plans. In Christ, when things go wrong, they may actually be going right, in better ways than you could ever have imagined, or in preparing you for something harder down the road. Trust him.


In the midst of life’s storms, hope is anchored in who and what God is. In God’s unchangeable nature, we must remember that, while we define ourselves by our worst moments, that is not how we are seen or remembered and, ultimately, the safest place to be, is in Jesus’ hands.