Filled With Compassion

Becoming like Jesus means being filled with the compassion that enables us to love despite societal standards and stigma. Jesus never defined people by their situation, but in great compassion looked to fulfilling personal needs of those longing to be loved.

For God’s Glory

Do you find yourself questioning God’s wisdom in difficult situations? Although God loves us immensely, it does not mean that we’re not going to have human experiences. Adversity occurs so that God’s glory will be known.

God Is Not An Algorithm

Trying to fit God into a box or approach Him with rules has never worked. Instead, we should try and seek Him in humility and open hearts, while making sure that our hearts and minds are open to people around us.

My Brother’s Keeper

Who is neighbourly? It’s them who show mercy. Satan tries to withdraw our connection and compassion to bring us to sin. We can combat this by being our brother’s and sister’s keepers.