Sermons by Shaun McDonnell


“Today” is a word that reflects being in the moment or living in the present. There are opportunities and decisions we make each day or today that impact us and shape us into who we will be tomorrow. Hebrews 3 is both an encouragement and a warning for us to make the right decisions today so we can be who God wants us to be in the future.

Hearing God’s Call

Do you hear God’s Calling? It’s not about us. It’s about God’s perfect plan for humanity. God is calling us to contend side by side in unity to give the irresistible message of hope, love and compassion through Jesus to our hurting cities.

A New Reality

What is your new reality in Christ? We have been chosen, set apart, sprinkled with God’s blood as strangers in a foreign land. This reality causes us to live differently because we know our inheritance awaits us in heaven.

To Be Continued

Book of Acts tells the story of great miracles by the Holy Spirit. But this story doesn’t end. The book ends on an uncertainty as if prompting us to write our own story, a continuation of the story that first disciples began to tell.

I Want to See

There is no situation too bad, nor tree(or sin) too high that can separate us from the good that God planned for work in our lives. By surrendering to God’s vision for our lives, we are guaranteed great things in his timing.