Sermons from 2014

Remember Your Creator

The easiest way to discover the purpose of the invention is to ask the inventor. If we are looking for the meaning of life, God is the one who has the answers. Because He is the source of life and the start of life.

Wise Words to Live By

How I live my life affects how people see me. How my family behaves affects other people’s attitudes. How Christians behave in this world affects how people in this world view God because Christians are supposed to reflect the character of Christ.

Lessons from the Rich and Famous

God wants us to have the right perspective on money. It is a gift from God, but it'd not a god. How often do I thank God for what I have? Do I use what God has given me for the very purposes of God?

What Kind of Christian Are You?

We need to guard our hearts when we worship God. Give careful thought to how you worship. Why was that? Because our approach to worship is important. If it’s not that it will be not accepted by God and thus will be useless.

What Time Is It?

What time is it in your life today? Are you going through difficult times? Or life is good no matter what time it is, it’s time to know God.

Toil Is Meaningless

Solomon teaches that investing all of yourself into job is meaningless. Although God says we should do our best at work it should not be our daily focus.