What Kind of Christian Are You?

Ecclesiastes 5:1-5

We need to guard our hearts when we worship God. Give careful thought to how you worship. Why was that? Because our approach to worship is important. If it’s not that it will be not accepted by God and thus will be useless.
Solomon noticed two types of people: devote believers, and not-so-devote people.
The faith to the second type was more of a tradition, habit. There was not heart in it.
The same obsession applies to the church today.
There are two types of Christians . Ones that worship devotedly and other who have superficial faith. Which type of Christian are you? Almighty God does not accept superficial religion. 
You are superficial if you are not fully to committed if you are wavering in your faith. It is easy to be superficial because all around you are doing the same and you compare yourself to them and not to what God commended you to do.
Is your life reflecting the image of our creator ?
The other indicator of superficial life is unrepentant heart.

Matthew 5:20
What’s your concision about confessing your sin, what’s your conviction about settling grievances with your spouse, friends, coworkers?
What would your school mates or work colleagues say about you? Are you the same person in church and at school or work?
How about your marriage? If asked, would your wife say that she’s still feel loved? If asks, would your husband say he still feel respected?
Is Jesus still The Lord of your life? Are you committed, are you keeping the vow you made?
What you can do:
– Have reverence to the Word of a God. Start with reading your Bible and make sure you put what you read in practice. Godly transformation comes from Godly things practiced not godly things promised.
– Make yourself available to be used by God.
– Make your promised to God and deliver on them.