Remember Your Creator

We tend to forget things. We can be very forgetful.

People tend to forget the wrong they’ve done. But they remember the wrong that was done to them.

Ecclesiastes 12:1-8 We can get so caught up with our daily lives that we may forget about who created us.

The easiest way to discover the purpose of the invention is to ask the inventor.

If we are looking for the meaning of life, God is the one who has the answers. Because He is the source of life and the start of life.

Being young we might think that God is for older people. But growing up with God leads to more joy in the long run. You’re not wasting time on developing bad habits and useless pursuits.

Building your life on God creates a foundation that will withstand troubles and challenges. And troubles will come.

God is for every stage in life: young or old.

It’s important that we age well both physically and spiritually. Remember where you’ve come from and what God has done for you.

It’s easy to forget good things but remember bad things.

12:6 Bible talks about frailty of life. Don’t waste it. Seek God when you you’re young before trouble comes at evry stage of you life.