Wise Words to Live By

How I live my life affects how people see me. How my family behaves affects other people’s attitudes. How Christians behave in this world affects how people in this world view God because Christians are supposed to reflect the character of Christ.

Ecclesiastes 7:1-12

We don’t learn much at happy parties. It’s mostly at funerals and in sad moments of our lives that we reflect on our lives, put things in perspective.

Those moments are important on our lives as they lead to changes.

It’s nice to have a rebuke from a wise person. Even though most of us do not like being corrected. Most of us like compliments and flattery. We need to make sure we surround ourselves with wise people who help us stay on course and call us higher.

Often we want to go beck to the old days because we are discontent wit the present. That’s why instead of thinking of the past we should focus on the present and how we an make it better.