Introduction to the book of Ecclesiastes

Knowing God and making Him known 1 Kings 4:29-31, 34Solomon, the most popular, richest and wisest man of his time. He had it all. This is what he learned in his life. Ecclesiastes 1:1-11In life we always want more. But we are never content. Life can be like an endless pursuit going around and around…

God will provide

What Abraham knew of God, shaped how he live his life. Read Hebrews 11:1-2 – “Faith is being sure of what we hope for & certain of what we do not see” Faith means believing God’s truth even when you cannot see, feel, hear, taste, touch Faith is confidence that God is who He says…

God’s Patience

Secret to patience is looking at this world through God's eyes. That's what Jesus did. Despite all our shortcomings God looks at us like children. He doesn't label us as evil.

God is Perfect

We worship a perfect God. He is complete in everything and lacking nothing. Deuteronomy 32:4Psalm 18:30 1. God is perfect on knowledgeJob 37:16The wisest knowledge of the smartest men is like a drop in a bucket of God’s wisdom. If want advice in life: relationship, parenting, marriage, finance etc we can always go to God.…

God is Love

God is Love

It is important for us to seek for God's love. We need to open our eyes to the countless ways God loved us in. If we understand God's love it will change our lives forever.

God Is Not Able

There are certain things God cannot do. Who can place limits on God? The nature of a God himself. God is not able to lie. God doesn’t change. God does not remember forgiven sins.

God is Able

Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego went through a fiery situation – literally. There are many different fiery situations in our lives. And we cannot let the smells of these situations to stick to us. We need to trust God that he can help us come out of them.

Love for God

How Does God Expect We Should Love Him?

God gave his absolute best for us. his one and only son. 1 John 4:9-10, 19 God loved us first. And he did not stop there. he continues to love us every day Luke 10:25-28 How can we love God in the way that will be acceptable to Him? What is Gods primary language of…

How Great is Our God

How Great is Our God

Isaiah 40:12 God is bigIt is important to understand how big God is. It will determine to size of our dreams. The smaller your God the smaller your dreams. .nations are the drop in a bucket Is we grow in our knowledge of God our view of Him should get bigger. But very often our…