I Am The Light of This World

John 7:2-3

John 7:37-39

Jesus said when you drink of this water you will never get thirsty again. The water that they spoke about in the desert is being fulfilled by Jesus Christ. What do we believe about Jesus?

John 8:12- 13

Jesus was telling the people that he is what the scriptures spoke about and that he is permanent. If we do not eat and drink from Jesus we will continue to be hungry and thirsty.

John 7:16-17

When we choose to obey Jesus it will be clear if it’s from God in heaven. We don’t recognize Jesus because we refuse to obey his Father in heaven. If we refuse to believe in Jesus we will continue to walk in darkness.

John 8:21-25

If we don’t accept Jesus because of our unbelief we will die and go to hell. Do we believe in this Christ? When we are confronted with the Christ what do we do with it? Light does not remove the obstacles but allows us to see clearly where we are going. That is what Jesus did for us.

We come to church and singing songs and reminiscing what God has done for us, that is why we worship him. We should only be interested in what the Christ thinks about us and not trying to compare ourselves to others.