The Shiny Things of God

We can go to church every Sunday, do all the ‘right’ things but have no excitement about being in God’s Kingdom. We leave Sunday services to get into our worldly routine: work, school, kids where there’s little place for God.

Transformed By Prayer

Transformed by Prayer

Are you praying for the amazing things in your life? God is not limited by any circumstance. It’s important that we believe and pray and God will do great things.

New creation

As disciples we are a new creation, we no longer live for ourselves but for God. If I am willing to be used by God, He will make it happen.


Regardless of what year, God’s goal for us in transformation. To live transformed lives, to have transformational relationships in the church and to be involved on transforming lives.

The Only Thing That Counts

Where’s your faith in the challenging, tough times?
Ask yourself, when you go through the difficult times in your life: where is you God.
When throws you a curve ball or two or three?