Step Into The Light

Romans 4:1-2

When we think about our faith we think about ways to prove it. What will separates us is that we believed God, that is what will make the difference. Righteousness comes from God it is not in our control. Our responsibility is to trust. What God wants to see is faith, love, believe, and relationships. Bless is when God speaks well of us, it is not about getting stuff from God.

Genesis 12:1- 3

It was Abraham trust that was credited to him as righteousness. We have to trust God that he knows what is best for us.

Genesis 15:1-6

Do we believe God when he said I love you, believe in me?

Romans 4:1-6

Forgiveness comes from God and not ourselves. God wants us to look at him and be engaged. God’s goal for us is to be more graceful, not to have more knowledge.

2Cor 7

We can be emotional and still not trust God.

James 2:18

We are not saved by our deeds. Great deeds does not always leads to faithfulness. Real faith should be about God and what he is doing in our lives. Our biggest problem is to trust God. Faith is not a leap in the dark but a step into the light. Our responsibility is to trust God and step into light.