Sermons from 2021

Good News and Great Joy

Christmas can be a time of anxiety over gift giving and receiving, but God is not concerned about us giving what we do not have. Christmas is about honouring Christ and sharing in the good news and great joy about his birth.

An Ever Present Hope

Do you ever feel like your life/future is hopeless? We all struggle with hopelessness at some point, those are the moments when we need God the most. If you give yourself to God faithfully, your future will be much more secure. So let God take your anxieties through prayer, song, and talking with other for support.

God The Redeemer

As our Redeemer, God paints a picture of hope by reminding us that our story is not over. Like the Israelites, God‘s work in our lives is a consistent and continual process of renewal. Why? Because of the covenant of redemption that promises us as his people, and He as our God.

Ministry of Jesus - Man Walks in the Desert

The Ministry of Jesus. Part 2

In order to imitate the ministry of Jesus, we need to be in the right place to do so; both personally and as a church. However, like any good recipe, we need to make sure that we are working intentionally and that the timing is right in order for things to turn out best.

Ministry of Jesus - Man Walks in the Desert

The Ministry of Jesus. Part 1

Jesus’ ministry was defined by a roller coaster of feelings. While most people loved what he said, many were also threatened by him to the point that they wanted to silence him in any way they could. However, there were some who took up Jesus’ challenge to change their lives in ways that mattered. How do you respond to the ministry of Jesus?

The Corner Stone

A building can not stand strong and firm without a cornerstone. Jesus gave himself to be that cornerstone for each generation to build on and have the privilege to take part in building God’s living church.

Olivet Discourse

Olivet Discourse is actually the end of Jesus public ministry. It is a look into the future return of Christ. Satan leads the whole world astray by his deception. None of God’s plans can be thwarted. Jesus calls us to not be deceived to keep watch and be ready. If Christ was to return are you ready?

Light In You

In Luke 11:29-36 Jesus rebukes the inclination of our hearts to seek and value signs. Just as Jonah became a sign, Jesus Himself is the sign We are to believe in Him. At Jonah’s preaching, the people of Nineveh repented and were saved. In the same way, the Queen of the south praised the God of Israel after she heard Solomon.

What Captivates You?

We are often inundated with messages on social media offering “secret life hacks” to bring us closer to a better, fuller life. These “secrets” often lead us to worldly interpretations of biblical truths. See to it that you are rooted in Christ and not deceived by fine-sounding arguments of the world.