Light In You

In Luke 11:29-36 Jesus rebukes the inclination of our hearts to seek and value signs. Just as Jonah became a sign, Jesus Himself is the sign We are to believe in Him. At Jonah’s preaching, the people of Nineveh repented and were saved. In the same way, the Queen of the south praised the God of Israel after she heard Solomon.

She did not say show me more, and maybe I’ll believe. Jesus is the brightest light ever to shine. His light exposes our sin, blindness, and hypocrisy. Jesus warns us not to wander off and become sign worshippers. Instead, He calls us to have faith and be saved.

Building a church is a lot different from building a crowd.  The people asked for a sign from heaven. God said that they would only be given the sign of Jonah. The people repented at the sign of Jonah. The Queen of Sheba heard about the wisdom of Solomon and came to see him.

Luke 11:33-37

Jesus told the people that what he had done was plain for everyone to see. And because the people refused to believe in Jesus, they were blinded. Even though people witnessed the great miracle of God, the people were still asking for a sign. Do we have our eyes open? Light is useless if our eyes are not taken it in so that we can see. Believing in God is never an intellectual issue but a moral issue. We’ve got to be careful that we are letting light into our lives and not darkness. Is the light within you actually darkness?

Revelation 3:

Some people do not like their sins to be exposed. That is why Jesus calls us to make sure that we are living in the light. Are we sign seekers?