What Captivates You?

We are often inundated with messages on social media offering “secret life hacks” to bring us closer to a better, fuller life. These “secrets” often lead us to worldly interpretations of biblical truths. See to it that you are rooted in Christ and not deceived by fine-sounding arguments of the world. Some thoughts and philosophies had captured the attention of the disciples. It would be accurate to say it captivated them. Paul addressed the common talk of the day and warned the disciples to not be captivated by them. He ultimately brought them back to the supremacy of Christ!

Colossians 2:1-4

It is possible to be deceived and it is easier when it’s fine-sounding.

Colossians 1:6-16

When we accept Christ Jesus as Lord we’ve got to continue to live in him. How do we do that? To be continued to be built up in him.  We need to make sure that what captivates us is not hallow. There is a constant war with our faith, we have to continue to fight and not give up and don’t allow ourselves to be deceived. We have to be mindful of the things that we see and read. We are blaming everything on COVID, and using it as an excuse for not doing what we should be doing. Are we able to differentiate some of the spiritual nonsense that is out there? We need to be saturated in our Christianity so that we are not affected by every little thing that is happening around us.  Have we lost the value of being together face to face? Is it COVID, or as our life has become too comfortable?

Col 1: 15-23

Don’t use COVID as an excuse to not do what God calls us to do. We have to be careful how we stand. Are we examining the gospel? Are we being careful of how we stand before God?

Col 3:

The way we live actually matters.