Sermons by Leo Teeuwen

The Power of The Nobody

When we look at some of the most famous/influential people in history, most of them started off as nobodies. The biggest nobody in history was Jesus who built his church on nobodies. Today we are reminded that, as Christians, we are just nobodies helping nobodies to find hope. That is the power of nobody.

An Ever Present Hope

Do you ever feel like your life/future is hopeless? We all struggle with hopelessness at some point, those are the moments when we need God the most. If you give yourself to God faithfully, your future will be much more secure. So let God take your anxieties through prayer, song, and talking with other for support.

Fearful Faith

To ignite fearful faith in our lives, we have to connected to the word of God, find inspiration and test our faith. In doing so, our faith gives birth to hope, and hope leads to peace.

Faith or Fear

The exodus of the Israelites from Egypt after the 10 plagues is a strong reminder that God is in control. In moments of fear, let us be still and hold on to faith, remembering that the God that will rescue us.