Ministry of Jesus - Man Walks in the Desert

The Ministry of Jesus. Part 1

Jesus’ ministry was defined by a roller coaster of feelings. While most people loved what he said, many were also threatened by him to the point that they wanted to silence him in any way they could. However, some took up Jesus’ challenge to change their lives in ways that mattered. How do you respond to the ministry of Jesus?

Luke 4:14

Even Jesus needed to go to the synagogue to worship. We have to be careful that we do not become a ‘pyjama and laptop Christian.’ If we continue to live this kind of Christianity, we are going to become weak and sick. 

Isaiah 61:1-10

Luke 4:20

Jesus did not go to the people in Israel; He went to the outcast. We have to grow in the way that we minister to the poor. 

Luke 19:5

God cannot love us more than he already does. Jesus’s ministry was always filled with people chasing after him. We’ve got to ask ourselves, where is the crowd? Jesus’ purpose for coming to earth was to seek and save the lost. As disciples, are we imitating the ministry of Christ? What does your ministry look like? Our goals should be to imitate Christ in everything that we do.