Sermons by Tony Singh (Page 10)

Hearts Approved by God

Matthew 5: 1-10 What does it mean to be pure in spirit? We can sense when there is a poverty of spirit, these are the hearts that God blesses. If we are a disciple of Jesus does this describes who we are? Am I a good citizen in God’s kingdom? Sometimes it’s hard for us…

Words To Live By

Words To Live By

The Sermon On The Mount are words to live by that reveal the nature of Christ. As we study it out, let us remember that they are not merely ethical teachings. In Christ, these words were not only confirmed, but fulfilled.

We Shall Overcome

Trusting and acting on the promises of God drastically affects how we live here on earth. For us as Christians, it means faith in the promise of what lies in the future should be wholly embraced, even if we don’t see it.

Audacity of Faith

Only what is done for the good of others will matter in the end. On what basis are we to have this radical love? God helps us to have that hope and he gives us great examples of people who had great faith. Faith is what links hope and gives power to radical obedience.