Servants of Christ

Philippians 2 teaches how disunity comes from self-interest and how the church requires a deeper connection than just a social club. Paul uses two examples to describe what servants of Christ look like and reminds us of the importance of bringing others’ interests above our own. In the end, we are challenged to question if we are letting the pandemic be an excuse to further our self-interest or a springboard to share our faith.

Philippians 2:19-30

We should not look only to our interests but to the interest of others. We often use the pandemic as an excuse for not reaching out to others. How do we evaluate our walk with God? Who should become deacons and teachers? Those who are already doing the work. How we act and how we live matters to others. Paul wanted to make sure that the churches were doing well. We cannot treat church like a social club, we check in and out as we please, we have no real commitment. Who are the Timothy’s in our church? Whose interests are we putting before our own? As disciples we need to be great servants, that is how Paul and Timothy were.