The Mindset Of Jesus

In Philippians, Paul reminds us of the importance of reflecting Jesus’ mindset in how we react to the world around us. The world’s mindset is peace through strength; Jesus’ mindset is peace through humility. Just as Jesus (though fully God) did not elevate himself, we too must humble ourselves so that God may be glorified in us.

We are reading from Philippians 2:1-11

After we have been baptized God comes and dwells within us. If we have relationships that we need to reconcile, we need to go ahead and do that. We need to consider people’s ideas better than ours, that is humility. Being a follower of Christ we’ve got to adopt the same mindset. Jesus was fully God and yet he did not consider himself equal to God, instead, he took the role of a servant.

Just because we can do something, it does not mean that we should. We should not use COVID as an excuse for not doing what we should be doing as disciples. We should not be looking to the world how we should be as disciples but rather looking to God. It takes humility to have better friendships and marriages by adopting the mindset of Jesus.