Joyful Partnerships

Philippians 1 shares how we can be joyful in our partnership with the church and Christ. We see that the mark of the disciple is one who conducts themselves in a way worthy of the Gospel regardless of their situation. Paul’s faith was prison-proof. Is your faith pandemic proof?

The lessons from the book of Philippians are remarkably relevant for us today. In spite of the tremendous limitations placed on Paul because of his imprisonment, the spirit of joy oozes from him. In today’s message, we will learn from the imprisoned apostle how we can still be joyful through meaningful partnerships.

A mark of a disciple is someone who knows what is going on and also knows what God has done for them and to them. 

Philippians 1:3-26

Paul was not going to let being in jail prevents him from spreading the gospel. He wrote a letter so that he could encourage the church in his absence. Paul’s faith was prison proof, so our faith needs to be pandemic proof. Paul used being in prison to spread the gospel, it did not prevent him from doing what God calls him to do. Are we using the pandemic as an excuse for not coming to church? Have we become Pyjama’s Christians? Are we using the pandemic as an excuse?

We need to use the pandemic as an opportunity, don’t use it to whine and complain. No matter what is going on we should conduct ourselves in a way that does not betray the gospel.