The Safest Place. Part 2

We cannot avoid the storms of life, so where is your safe place in the midst of it? In Matt. 14 (22-33), Peter learned that the safest place was not in the boat with the other disciples but rather on the water in the middle of the storm in the presence and connection of Jesus. He understood that, the moment of trial is the moment we NEED to connect with God and that hard times won’t last forever; the storm will end eventually.

Christ had to spend time with his Father through a difficult time, what about us? Why is this story so important? Peter is the only human being that ever walked on water, except for Jesus Christ. Jesus was not spared from suffering, he was not spared from the cross. Storm was not new to the fishermen they have experienced it before. They were scared because they thought they may have seen a ghost. Jesus did not calm the storm or made the wave stopped, he showed up. We need to remember that in the storm of life Jesus is not absent. It’s in those difficult times that we need to move closer to God, not farther away from him. If the Christ was not spared and the apostle Paul was not spared what do we think? Are we better than them? When we listen to  God and stepped out in faith we can do great things. When we take our eyes off Jesus we begin to sink, even though we had stepped out in faith. In the moment of challenges it is important that we don’t lose our connection with God. It is through these challenges that we need Jesus the most, that is the time we need to go after a relationship with God. The safest place for these guys were being with Jesus and having that connection with him. Jesus is able to save us during the storm. Despite of what is happening in our lives we are not going to allow fear to take over our lives but rather to put our faith in God. What is our safe place? Who is our safe place? We all need to stay connected to God during this difficult time.