Sermons by Tony Singh (Page 8)

Faith on Fire

The account of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego epic battle with King Nebuchadnezzar is truly inspiring. We see people who would not trade their faith in God even if that faith or their bodies were set on fire. As it turns out the fire meant for destruction served to actually set them free and unbound their shackles. When people intend to hurt God’s people He often uses it to greater good.

The Immutability of God

One of greatest security in life is to know we can count on someone. This allows us to have deep trust and be confident about our relationship with that person. This is the relationship we can have with our great God because he does not change.

The Incorruptible God

We walk with our heads down and cower with fear because we do not know God. What we think about God affects how we think about everything else. If we say we are walking with God we cannot be fearful and lack confidence.

The Ultra Powerful God

Why does God show us His power through scriptures and in everyday life? He does it so we can trust Him and have faith that amid everyday routine, life challenges and struggles we still worship an ultra powerful God who is able to help up overcome.

The Incomparable God

Our God is great. He is not liken to anyone and to think that God has ever lost control is foolish. God does not need to seek counsel or direction from anyone. Therefore even in difficult times as with Job when we see who God is, a spiritual reaction is to surrender, repent and deepen our faith in God.