Sermons by Howard Martin (Page 3)

Living water

Jesus offered the woman eternal life, salvation and a new life. For whatever reason the woman was coming from one relationship to another. Quite possibly, she was looking to satisfy the deeper desire for the relationship with God.

Unwavering Faith

The book of Hebrews written to disciples who faced hardship, ostracism, property confiscated imprisonment and more. As result they were tired and weary. Many abandoned the faith. Others were wondering: Is following Jesus worth it?

A Higher Level of Faith

Jesus says, “Do not worry. Anxiety/worry was a problem then, and still exist today. Each day, Life has difficulties and varying degrees.
We are called not to worry. Worries are consumed by fear and hinder our trust in God.

The Faith of a Widow

God may delay answering our prayer but he always has a plan. We need to be persistent. Persistence grows our character.
Persistence is a barometer of our faith. Do I have a persistent faith? How’s my prayer? Am I still persistent in my prayers?

You Have Great Faith

Woman’s faith was desperate. She heard about Jesus and how He healed other people. She was willing to try everything. Desperate times call for desperate measures.