Seeds of Faith

God’s ultimate goal for us is transformation. Not comfort, perfect health, success happiness or a relief of pain.

He works in many different ways to accomplish this purpose.

Luke 8:4-15 Whether the seed grows or not is not up to the farmer or quality of the seed. But it’s almost always about the quality of soil.

1. Seed on the path People who reject God’s word from the start. Listen more to opinions,

2. Seed in rocky ground People often look for the emotional lift. They are attracted to what Christianity has to offer but they have no convictions. You can see them at church one week and disappear. True Christians need to have deep convictions about purity, faith, prayer, relationships, etc.

3. Thorns Daily routines can lead us off track. Money, careers can choke the spiritual purpose. Average Canadian household spends 4 hours watching TV. How about studying God’s word? How much time do you spend reading Bible?

4. Good soil No matter where you are at. Make a commitment to study God’s word on a daily basis so you can build faith. You cannot feed on Gods word once a week or on Sunday morning. You all need s consistent diet of God’s word We should approach Bible with humility and have an attitude that we will never know enough.

Obeying, living by it and persevering in it. Finish what we started. Stick to faith even when others do not.