Living water

God created us with the thirst for Him

John 4:1-31, 39-42

Jesus offered the woman eternal life, salvation and a new life. For whatever reason the woman was coming from one relationship to another. Quite possibly, she was looking to satisfy the deeper desire for the relationship with God.

Often people try to satisfy their spiritual needs with physical things.

Just like with water people quench their thirst with alternatives (pop, juice, alcohol, etc.) in the situations when just water would have been enough.

Many of us are chasing spiritual mirages that have all promises attached to them but when we get to the place it turns out there were not real. They may provide temporary relief but never really quenching spiritual thirst.

Only Jesus can provide the satisfaction and spiritual contentment and it takes a dedication and following His commands.

Very often, with time going by the taste of spiritual water may become stale. That happens when we begin to taste waters from so many different wells. When we start mixing Jesus with so many different things.

We can add Christian light to our water. When we start making little compromises and adding little things and contaminate the pure clear water that Jesus offers.  

God doesn’t force anyone to drink His water. It’s up to you if you want to drink it. However, when it comes to quenching thirst people usually give it 100%. So is with spiritual thirst. We can’t have a little bit of Jesus or a little bit of church. We’ve got to give it our all.

The result of women’s encounter with Jesus was change if many lives. When you have quenched your thirst and see many people around who are thirsty you will surely share your water with them.  

Isaiah 55:1-2