Faith That Moves Mountains

Mark 11:20-26

We can put our faith in many differ things: career, finance, ourselves, other people.
But Jesus calls us to put our faith in God. Faith in God has no limitations.  God will take us to the places that we have never been before.
With faith in God we will be able to accomplish s lot more.

Jesus also calls us to have a pure faith. A faith that is not contaminated by unforgiving or unloving heart.

Matthew 17:19-21
It’s not the greatness of my faith that moves mountains but faith in someone Great.

Our faith is not about us it’s about God. Having a faith as small as a mustard seed. God will make up for the rest.

Where is my faith this morning?

Our faith can be affected by how we view God. The only way to get the correct picture of God is to get into His word. Studying the Bible on a regular basis will hell you get to know God personally.

Studying the word of God will help you visualize what your changed live will look like.

Romans 4:17

In faith we visualize before we actualize. Faith starts with a thought, dream or a picture in our mind.

What do I want to accomplish for God? What do you want to see in your community, your church, your family? Are you ready to make that change happen with faith? Faith and deed work together. It may mean praying about it. It may putting in a lot of work.

Faith is also about obedience to God.  We need to have faith in God independently of what other people are thinking.

God wants to take us on adventure of faith. God wants us to experience things that we never experienced before.

God is not calling is to have a great faith today. He just wants us to have faith as small as a mustard seed.