Faith That Finishes the Race

Faith That Finishes the Race

Hebrews 12:1

Philippians 3:12 1

Corinthians 9:24

There are several things about running we can learn from the Bible. Paul does not compare Christian living with a sprint run. Godly life is more like a marathon.

While speed is important for sprinters. Endurance and agility and perseverance are crucial for marathon runners.

1. We need to run the race It’s not enough to eat right, stretch and ex. We need to run the race. It’s not enough just to read the Bible and go to church in Sundays. We need to live life for Jesus. Obey His commands. Not pick in choose which one to follow or not.

2. We need to run the race with perseverance Christian life is not always a smooth sailing. There will be disappointments, confusion, failures, temptations… It takes perseverance to go on. It takes character. It takes God’s strength. We may feel like we hit a wall. We need to fix our eyes on Jesus. He began the race, endured it and finished it. He’s right there by the sidelines and is cheering for us. He never let people or situations get to Him. gods plan for us not only to become Christians. But also finish our race as Christians.

3. Finish the race