Time To Get Up

When we know who Jesus is we are pandemic and recession proof. No matter what the conditions are we can life faithful lives because of Jesus. By believing in God we are able to handle whatever may come our way.

John 5: 1-18

Why Jesus told him to take up his bed and walk? Jesus is asking us if we want to stay where we are spiritually. Do you want to get to know Jesus and be different from how you are. If we want to get well we have to get up and do something. Trusting in Jesus means we live in the way he wants us to live. If our belief in God does not result in a changed life then we are not being obedient to his words. If we are not loving each other it does not matter what else we do in our lives it will not make a difference.

God never rested from mercy, love, or compassion , that is why Jesus told the man to take up his mat and walk on a Sabbath. A good son does what his father asks him to do. Jesus was being obedient to his Father and we are called to do the same.