Two plus five equals five thousand

More than a message of compassion, The feeding of the 5000 teaches us that God works with whatever we have, to meet the needs of the people around us. When God gives us a mission, he provides the bread.

Mark 6:30-44

The things that are in the scriptures are there for a purpose. We’ve got to dig deeper in God’s word and ask questions. Jesus had a heart to make sure that his disciples where taken care of. The people where not there for Jesus, it was because of the miracle.

We can allow our circumstances to make excuses to not do the things that God calls us to. Whenever there is an opportunity to show compassion we need to take advantage of it. As a disciple we learn when to apply different principles to different situations.

Out of all these peoples there where only one boy who came prepared. The boy gave them five loaves and two fishes and Jesus used it to feed five thousand peoples. God does not asks us to give what we don’t have. God will not ask us to do something and not help us to complete the mission.

Not only did Jesus gave bread but he was the ultimate Bread of Life. Are we eating from Jesus? Our situations are not our identity- Jesus is! When we become like Jesus it will be easier for us to be compassionate. God wants us to give him what we have and he will work with that.