He Took Jesus At His Word

Jesus went to places where he was not very popular and he knew that he would be rejected. People saw so many incredible miracles yet they still have a problem believing. Who is Jesus to us? Is he just someone there to meet our needs. Is our faith in God a sign seeker?

Do we take Jesus at his word, or are we looking for specific things? There are times when we struggle in our faith even when Jesus has answered our prayers before. Have we become addicted to answered prayer or do we take Jesus at his word? People are struggling in their faith because God is not answering our prayers. Where are we at in our journey? In this story, Jesus showed his authority that he can perform a miracle even when he was not present. Are we in our relationships to get to know God or is it what we can get from him.

We should treasure Christ for who he is, and not the things he can give us. Are we a sign seeker? Do we take Jesus at his word? Are we more interested in the gift or the giver? When our hearts are in the right place it does not matter what is going on in our lives our faith in God will be strong.