Gospel of Mercy. Part 1

Beyond the unlimited grace, mercy, and forgiveness that God promises, there is sometimes the false hope that occurs when we misunderstand these great gifts.

Ephesians 2:4-6;8-9

The mercy of God is gentle. There is no limit to God mercy, it is infinite and unending. God does not only show mercy, he is mercy. God does not only show love he is love. God mercy does not run out.

  • A False Hope

We take this mercy to a level that the Bible does not talk about. People feel like God is so merciful that he will not send anyone to hell. Trust in God should create a new hope and to follow in God’s footsteps, if not it’s false hope.

Romans 12:1- 5

  • A Proper Hope

God desires a broken heart and a contrite spirit. Recognizing that we are sinful and we need God. To be willing to make a decision to surrender our lives to God. How we live our lives matters. We’ve got to make sure that our hearts area in the right place. We can only count on God because everything else in our lives is temporary. It is not the hungering and thirsting in God that saves us but our trust in God.

Jesus came on the earth and became sin for us so that we could be save.

God call us to imitate him and to be merciful like he is. Will you surrender to Christ this morning?