The Gospel of Grace. Part 2

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2 Samuel 24:1-15

David wanted to find out how great he was at the end of his life so he asked for his army to be counted. If we have a Lone Ranger Christianity we are doomed for destruction. David realized that counting his army was a sinful thing to do. David was told by God that he was not going to build the temple of God because of his sins. David rather to fall under the hands of God rather than the hands of men. When we are in great distress why do we turn away from God? We run away from God when we needed him the most.

2 Samuel 24:18-23

David’s heart was he will not make a sacrifice to God that cost him nothing. What does your worship of God cost you? How far are we willing to go? We all have to take responsibility for our actions.

Exodus 34:6-11

We need to come to church with a heart of repentance. Some of us feel like we are so bad that God wants nothing to do with us.

Matthew 1:6-10

God is not done with us even though we may not have a great family life or background. Only when we entrust ourselves into God’s merciful hands is the only way our lives can be changed. Our identity needs to be found in God and not our job titles or anything else.

Lamentations 3:19-25

God never stop loving us no matter how bad things may seems. Some of us feel like God mercy cannot reach us. We can often feel like God is absent but he is always there.

Romans 15:8-10

Coming to church is about glorifying God for his mercy.