The Fashion of Jesus

John 13:34

We have messed up so many times and God did not hold it against us, that is how much he loves us. Loving each other is the only way to show the world that we are his disciples. Are we a Jesus follower based on what the scriptures said?

Colossians 3:1-14

Christ should not be added to our lives but rather to become our lives. There are things we have to take away from our lives if we want to become a Jesus follower. If we cherish our relationship with God we will make any sacrifices that is necessary to make this happen. As Jesus followers we should have compassion for each other that we feel from the gut. What kind of feelings do we have for each other?

We tend to only feel for the people who are like us and is nice to us. God is calling us to love everyone even if it has not been reciprocated. Being gentle with someone is meeting them where they are at without elevating ourselves. Being patient with others is waiting on them without saying I am waiting on you. God calls us to forgive each other as the Lord forgave us. Can people tell from our lives if we are Jesus followers?

As Jesus followers are we willing to forgive others? Are people aware that we are a Jesus followers?