The Strong Did Not Survive

God keeps his promises .

God said that we should not forget him.

God will do whatever it takes to ensure that his promises are fulfilled.

Joshua 24:14-26

God is a Holy and Jealous God.

The Israelites forgot their God something they said they would not do.

Judges 13:2-5;

Judges 13:22-24

Judges 14:5-7;14;

Judges 14:18-20

Samson was chosen by God to be a deliverer of Israel. God commanded Samson not to marry foreign women because God knew that it would cause his heart to turn away from him.

Judges 16:25-30

Samson’s strength was not in his hair it was in his faithfulness and devotion to God. When they cut off his hair he lost his strength, Samson believed that his strength was in his hair.

Samson begged God for one last time to give him the strength to destroy the Philistines. Even though Samson disappointed God, he still used him. God fulfilled his promise to Abraham through Samson and many that followed.

Romans 8:31-33; 35

God sacrificed his own son just to fulfill his promise he made to Abraham and we get to participate in that.

What is our price?

What is going to separate us from God?

It is because of God’s promise that we have the hope of heaven. We have the hope of Heaven because God fulfilled his promises.