How We Prepare for the Communion?

We need to be a congregation that worships God with our hearts and minds.

1Cor 10:14-22

Taking the communion means that we are all unionized with God. It is participating in the blood and body of Christ.

1Cor 11:17-34

We need to participate in the communion together as a church. The cross of Jesus Christ makes us all equal in the world. When there is a problem in the church we have to ask ourselves what role we played in that? The Lord’s Supper is a remembrance of what Jesus has done for us. Whatever we share during communion it should be focused on Jesus Christ and not about us. The communion is about proclaiming Jesus death until he comes.

The communion is a time of renewal of our covenant with Christ. It is about an examination of our hearts and our focus should be on Christ. The communion is not a joke, we should not take it lightly; we need to think about the communion seriously. When we take the Lord’s supper we are acknowledging what we cannot do for ourselves.