Making It Rain

Elijah faced the fury of the King of the Israelites (King Ahab), the defiance of the 880 false prophets and the rebellion of God’s people. In spite of these insurmountable odds he believed in the words of the Almighty God. He preached a message unpopular among the masses because he trusted in the Lord Almighty. We too can have his conviction, boldness and faith if we believe in the God who can ‘Make it Rain” James 5:17 “Elijah was a man just like us….

1Kings 16:30-33 The people of God has given their lives over to other gods. Because the worshiping of idols was tolerated it causes the people to be led astray.

1Kings 17: 1 God allow us to go through challenging time to build our faith. We have to be careful what we wish for because when things are going good for us we can become arrogant.

1Kings 18:1- 2, 1 King 18:7-9 When we are not spiritually fit we tend to blame others when things don’t go the way we want it. We’ve got to choose who we will serve.

1 King 18:16-46 We do not apply the principles that God teaches in his words and as a result we hurt ourselves. We push God aside and go after the god of money or whatever else we make god in our lives. We’ve got to be radical when it comes to sin. Where are the Elijah’s of God who are willing to stand up for righteousness?

James 5:17-18

Elijah was just like us, who is going to be an Elijah for God?

Do we still believe that there are people in Ottawa who need to hear about God. Our goal is to bring our hearts back towards God?