Jesus crucified… we will be glorified

In the final part of our Christ Crucified series, Tony shares how Glorification has a lot to do with hope. Hope can mean different things to different people but, ultimately, hope allows us to endure and keeps us from giving up (even in the face of despair). He reminds us that death, ultimately, is part of the process of Glorification (where we spend eternity in God’s glory) and hope provides us the security to hold on to God’s promises (because God cannot lie).

Glorification has a lot to do with hope. We take for granted that we are saved and we no longer see the need to give God our best. 

1 Cor 15: 35- 58

There are things that happen in our lives that remind us that earth is not our home.  Even though our bodies might be rotten away we have a promise from God that we would eternal life. We have so many reasons to hold on, because of who our hope is in.

1 Peter 1: 3-9; 13

Christ being resurrected from the dead gives us hope. We’ve got to be alert despite what may be happening to us and around us. This hope in Christ is to help us to be secure. Our hope does not rest on fake things, things that can perish. 

Hebrew 6:17-19

Things don’t often go as planned but because of our hope in Christ, we can hold on. Hope in Jesus provides us with security. We see hope in the lives of Sonia and Eric despite the challenges that they are going through.

We have hope through Jesus’s.