Jesus crucified…we are being sanctified

Connor Francis shared about how true transformation is never painless and reminded us that Christianity is not about what we give up in our lives but about being free from things that weigh us down. Tony then expanded on this idea by reminding us that sanctification is about being set apart; not because of how great we are but because of how great God is. It is a process that takes time by letting what happened on the inside through justification be expressed by what’s happening on the outside (highlighting the difference between who we were before Christ and who we are now).

What happens after justification?

Sanctification means to be set aside. There is nothing we can do to earn our salvation. We can’t say we want to follow Christ and just live the way we want. How do we live a life to please God? We can have practical legalism, where we live it but we do not believe it. 

1Cor 6: 9-11

2Cor 7: 1

Col 3: 1-17

Through the sanctification process we are formed in the image of Christ. 

When God ask us not to do something it’s coming from a place of love, not trying to control us- it’s for our own good. As parents we love our kids and want the best for them. That is how our Heavenly Father feels about us. Without holiness no one will see God. If we are not being formed in the image of Christ how can we spread the gospel. Sanctification is a process, it validates justification it does not cause it. The sanctification is apart of the salvation process.