Beautiful Mess

Messes come in a lot of different ways.  Sometimes they come through a strain in a relationship, a misunderstanding with a family member, a mistake at work or perhaps a financial mistake at home.  We all have regrets, failures, temptations, struggles with certain sins and past pain and failures that can trip us up in life. You may be looking at your life and thinking:  “the mess I am in is absolutely, hands down – NOT beautiful.“ You may have already decided that your situation is not redeemable and you are run down, depleted, defeated and want to run for the hills and escape your mess.
But your story is not done being written by God.  Life can be a mess sometimes but through faith in God – God changes our story to a, “Beautiful Mess”. 

Genesis 2:7

God is the potter and we are the clay. Clay can be messy and dirty.

Isaiah 45:9- 10

Isaiah 64:8

If you ever been to a pottery shop it gets real messy.

Romans 9: 19-21

We’ve got to learn to become comfortable with the mess in our Christian life. We can become so uncomfortable with our mess that we start to fake it. God does not hide how his people mess up. The people were so messed up that they rejected God as their King and opted for a human king. We want to be painted in a way that is acceptable to the crowd. 

Abraham was one of the greatest heroes of the scriptures yet he did not wait on God, he went and slept with his servant to have a child. We are often times so uncomfortable with mess we do not want to share it. Sometimes when we do share it, it’s too late. We don’t know what God is doing, we think we do- we hope we do. That is why we should not give up because of who the potter is, and what he did with our lives. God is working to create in us a beautiful mess.

Isaiah 33: 21

God with all his might is for us.

Romans 8: 31-32

This scripture is about whose we are. 

Romans 8:37-30

God gave us his Son; so there is nothing he would not do for us. God’s power is made perfect in weakness. God display his power when weakness is present. When things does not go as planned we have reservations. God did all he can do for us, in giving his only Son for us.

When God transform our mess into something beautiful, it should be for his glory, it’s not about us. When we go through challenges it’s for the refinement of our characters, this can make us bitter or better. 

Are you avoiding the pot-hole which is the very path we want to go? 

As we go into Christmas let us focus on what we are celebrating, it should be about the birth of Jesus Christ. Let us think about what God is creating in us and don’t focus on the mess.