Faith That Endures

In today’s message, Chris shares how endurance is closely tied to the ability to overcome (John 16:33). He reminds us that we all have a part to play in God’s plan but that answering our call requires us to overcome the challenges placed before us. The life of Job is held up as an example of endurance through hard times by holding to the truths we know about God and holding on to the promises of God given to us through his Word. In the end, we are reminded that staying within and trusting the word of God is what helps is to endure in our faith.

John 16:33

We have much trouble but we can overcome because Jesus overcame.

We all have a role in God’s plan. For this to happen our faith have to endure the hardships.

Luke 10:19

Matt  16:18

Romans 12:21

2 Peter 20:21

This call to follow Christ and to reflect him we have to learn to overcome.

How do we overcome?

We have to learn how to overcome the challenges that the devil throws at us.

Job 1: 1-21

Job suffered such destruction and he turned to God in prayers.

What would make someone in the height of calamities praise God?

Job 2: 1-10

In times of trouble our faith falters. It’s easy to be a great disciple when things are going well. When things starts to go wrong in our life we question God. The devil knows our weaknesses . How are you handling the challenges in your life?  How do we handle the challenges behind close door. God is always watching us.  

  1. We’ve got to remember  the truths we know about God

Job was able to worship and be faithful in a time of distress.

Job 9: 4-10

Job said the God that we serve is amazing. Job was confident that God would take care of him. Job held to what he knew about God. When hardships happen we start to grumble and complete and focus on ourselves.

  1. We’ve got to remember and hold on to the promises of God

Job 19: 25-26

When we lose things we tend to believe that God is no longer with us. We need to hold to the promises of God.

Rev 2: 7-11; 17

We are precious in God sight.

Rev 2:26

Rev 3:12

A faith that endure  is not about coming to church and giving contributions, it is about overcoming those challenges that the devil throws at us  God has given us his Word to accomplish his purpose. Wherever we are at in our lives we’ve got to hold on to God’s word. God have a purpose for all of our lives.