Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner?

Luke  19:1-10

We know about Jesus but we are unable to see Jesus because of the different circumstances in our lives. The Tax Collector did not allow the crowd or being short prevent him from seeing Jesus. If we are will to forget the crowd and scale the barriers we too will have an encounter with Jesus, just like the Tax Collector.

Do you think you are not a likely candidate for an encounter with God?
The story of Zacchaeus invites us to learn that no one is so far from the grasp of Jesus’ transformative power.

Are you feeling that you are not a likely candidate to become a disciple? Are we thinking if people really know what is going on in our hearts people would not be impress with us.

Coming in contact with Jesus was so profound for the Tax Collector changes his life immediately. Wealth can be very deceitful because it cannot fulfill all our needs in life. The Tax Collector went to everyone house and gave them four times of what he had cheated them. When we come in contact with Jesus our lives are radically change. Is God calling you this morning ? What is your response? If we are going to be imitator of the Cross then we need to be seeking and saving the lost. There is no cry that is so faint when we cry out to God that he will not hear. God want to be a guest at your house, will you let him in?

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