Filled With Compassion

Becoming like Jesus means being filled with the compassion that enables us to love despite societal standards and stigma. Jesus never defined people by their situation, but in great compassion looked to fulfilling personal needs of those longing to be loved.

Filled With Compassion

Mark 1:40-44

Matt 8:2

Luke 5:12

God does not want us to label people by their situation or their condition but rather what they may be experiencing. Are we as bold and reverent as this leper when we are asking God to do something for us?

Mark 1:41

Jesus reached out and touched the leper despite the stigma that was associated with him. Jesus could have healed the leper from a distance but he chose to touch the leper and healed him because that best met the leper need. Jesus chose to go against tradition and made himself unclean, Jesus was not focus on himself and how others would see him but rather on the leper and what he needed. The world need to see us living out our lives like Jesus did. We need to see the need, feel the need, and meet the need. Let us strive to become people who are filled with compassion.