Do Not Let Your Hearts Be Troubled

In order for the disciples to have a calm, untroubled heart, Jesus’s washed their feet. An action which was also symbolic of washing our sins on the cross.

John 14:1- 8

Jesus was calling the disciples to trust in him the way they trusted God. In order to have a calm heart they need to trust in God the Father and Jesus as well. All the twelve disciples denied Jesus after being with Jesus for so long. Some of the disciples were so discouraged after Jesus’s death that they went back to being fishermen.

When Jesus told the disciples not be troubled he was helping them to understand the hardships that they were going to face. This pandemic has brought about a lot of confusion and anxiety. Jesus was telling the disciples that he will always be with them, that he will never leave them. He was letting the disciples know that through the cross and that he was going to bring the disciples with him.

We can look at Jesus like a painkiller. A painkiller is just for temporary relief but having a relationship with God gives us a permanent relief. God is expecting us to be fully committed in following him. Jesus promised the disciples that he will go and prepare a place for them and that he will return to get them.

Our goal is not to create heaven on earth but rather to talk about the message of Jesus and him coming for those who loves him. Our goal in life is ultimately to be with Jesus not to live in this world. We all need to put our trust in God because of what he has done for us. God wants us to know that he has never lost control.