My Brother’s Keeper

Genesis 4:3-9

When God asked a question is to reveal where our heart is., not because he does not know the answer. We are our brothers keeper and we all have a responsibility towards each other.

What Satan wants us to do is to withdraw our connection. You have people who are taking advantage of our current situation to get rich.

Who is my neighbour?

Luke 10:25-37

Being a good neighbour is not about proximity but about mercy. Have you been neighbourly? How many phone calls have you made checking on people? Satan’s goal is to kill, steal, and destroy and when we are not our brother’s keeper Satan is laughing. This could be our greatest hour of impact. We have access to so many technologies that we can use to connect with each other. Do you believe it’s better to give than to receive. Let us continue to be the light of the world. We need to live out being good neighbours and brothers.