Problems? No Problem!

When we face challenges it refines our character. Sometimes we face pain and difficulties in our marriages. When there is sadness and pain that is when God is doing something in our lives.

Romans 8:18- 26

The problems and challenges in our lives is building our character. Chris was diagnosed with brain cancer and the company that he is working with went bankrupt the same day, he was groaning. We need to remember that challenges and God works together. Even as Christians we are going to have challenges, we are not exempt. Anything that you want to succeed at, there will be groaning and challenges, but we will see the results if we persevere. God put pressures in our lives to mould us and let us grow.

Romans 8:17

We groan and we hope in God’s during our challenges.The path to God’s glory is through suffering. We are holy people because we live differently from the people in the world. We need to give back our time to God because he has given so much to us. When we lose sight of God all we have is the groaning.

Romans 8:28