The Obvious Choice

Sunday Worship Service

Posted by Ottawa Church Of Christ on Sunday, September 9, 2018
Duet 30:15-20
God gave the Israelites a new home after a rough life. God will bless us richly but he expects obedience from us.
What caused Israel to fail?
God expects us to be fully committed to him
We need to honour God consistently and not occasionally. When we have an option we have a choice but when we have a commitment we need to honour it.
Joshua 22:15.
Where is our commitment ?
God uses people who are fully committed to him to do his will.
What cause us not to be fully committed?
We are afraid because of past hurts. No decisions in Christ that we made bring us any regrets. God looks on what we do and how we do it.
How do we show commitment to God?
We trust God with every area of our lives. Be willing to do whatever God calls us to do. When we are selfless Gal. 6:9.
Trust God to provide for us.
Duet 8:2-5
We need to honour God with all our hearts
God want all our hears and not lip service. When we think about all the blessings that God sends our way it demands that we are committed to him. Battles are fought and won by surrendering our all to a God. The quality of our lives is dependent upon the quality of our relationship with God.